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Welcome to Between the Lines Bookkeeping Ltd., where we help you make sense of all the paper.

You didn’t go into business to do your books, but I did!

My name is Tracy Thomas-Owen, and I’ve taken the bookkeeping courses that get you top-quality service at a price your small business can afford. I take your shoebox of mixed-up receipts and turn it into an organized system and reports so you can understand what all those numbers actually mean for your business.

Let me guess, you’re thinking “There’s no way I can afford a bookkeeper! Every penny is already accounted for.” What if I told you that working with me can:

  • save you time

  • lower your stress

  • improve your record keeping;

  • create a proactive approach to finances

  • shrink your accountant bills; and

  • save you money (or even help you find money you didn’t realize was missing!)?

I love the focus and attention to detail it takes to be a great bookkeeper, and I want to be your bookkeeper! I can contribute to your business away from the front lines, at my laptop in my Regina, Saskatchewan office. From Xero and HubDoc to Knit People (for payroll), I have the certifications and knowledge you need to get growing.

Contact me today to set up a consultation so I can help your business see the money between the lines.